What types of storm and emergency warning systems do you have?


Snow Emergency Routes and a Storm Alert System.


Snow Emergency Routes
Snow emergency routes are posted and cars left on those routes will be towed away within six hours following notification of a "snow emergency." The public will be notified via WOWO Radio, 1190 AM in Fort Wayne. Cancellation of the snow emergency will be announced in the same manner.

Storm Alert System
North Manchester has a storm alert siren system with sirens located in five positions around the community. The siren on top of Town Hall is sounded once at 12 noon just to tell you that it is noon. This siren, plus the four other alert sirens (including one at Manchester College) will be sounded ten times or more, with long sounding blasts, to warn of a dangerous storm or tornado. Residents hearing this alert are urged to go to a basement or place of safety immediately. Do not go to a window or outside to look for the approaching storm. The Police Department and Manchester College will not be sounding this alarm unless a tornado or damaging storm has been reported in the immediate vicinity or is reported to be on its way within minutes.

A shorter sequence of sirens will be sounded to give the all clear signal to residents.

A civil defense practice of the storm warning system may occur, except through the winter months, every second Tuesday of the month around 4:00 p.m. during the months of April, May and September and around 1:00 p.m. during the months of June, July and August.

Four Red Cross approved shelters are available in case of a local disaster. These sites are the Zion Lutheran Church, 113 West Main Street; The First Brethren Church, 407 N. Sycamore Street; and the Junior High School, 404 W. Ninth Street.

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