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Welcome to the North Manchester Wastewater Department, a division of Public Works.

The Town of North Manchester utilizes a conventional activated sludge plant to treat around 250 million gallons annually of wastewater. The town’s sewer system is a combined storm/sanitary system with over 28 miles of sanitary and 12 miles of storm pipe of varying sizes. The town has in place a Long Term Control Plan approved through IDEM to minimize the impact of Combined Sewer Overflows during rain events. The goal is to reduce and/or eliminate all wet weather overflows through several projects to meet EPA water quality standards. Current treatment at the wastewater plant produces 99% BOD removal, 98% Ammonia removal, and 97% total solids removal on a daily basis. The high quality recycled water is released into the Eel River. Biosolids are treated at the facility and land applied to a local farmer’s field to replenish nutrients needed for crop production. Annually, around 120 dry tons of biosolids are produced and incorporated into the soil.


The Town of North Manchester Wastewater Treatment Plant has a team of 6 individuals who manage the town’s wastewater treatment plant, collection system, and stormwater system. Job duties includes laboratory analysis, maintenance of equipment, grounds keeping, sewer cleaning, catch basin cleaning, locating utilities, etc.

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Aaron Popplewell,
Waste Water Superintendent

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