Golf Cart Rules and Inspection

Inspections & Permit

Golf Cart Permit

For general use of golf carts on Town of North Manchester streets, an inspection by the Town of North Manchester Clerk's Office is required and, upon passing inspection, a permit sticker will be applied to the golf cart windshield.  Please read the Rules and Regulations below to understand what is required for inspection.  Inspection will be conducted at the Town of North Manchester's, Town Hall (103 E Main Street), Monday - Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.  If you have any questions please contact us at 982-9800 opt 2.

Golf Cart Permit Application 

General Ordinance 3, 2016 Golf Cart Ordinance 

Rules & Regulations

Below are the main highlights for golf cart use in town:

  1. Must have a valid license to operate a motor vehicle issued by Indiana or any other state, or an Indiana ID, and having acquired the age of 16 years. 
  2. Proof of Financial Responsibility
    1. Twenty five Thousand Dollars ($25,000) because of bodily injury to or death of any one (1) person
    2. Subject to the limit in subdivision (1), fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) because of bodily injury to or death of two (2) or more persons in any one (1) accident; and 
    3. Ten thousand dollars (10,000) because of injury to or the destruction of property in any one (1) accident.
    4. Proof shall be provided at the time of registration
  3. Standard Equipment Regulations 
    1. Brakes that are in good working condition
    2. One or more white lights that are visible from a distance of 500 feet to the front of the golf cart / UTV
    3. Taillight that are visible form a distance of 500 feet to the rear of the golf cart / UTV
    4. Rear working brake lights which are visible from a distance of 500 feet to the rear of the golf cart / UTV 
    5. DOT approved slow moving vehicle sign on a staff holder to put such flag a least five(5) feet above the surface of the street. 
    6. Rear view mirror 
    7. Front and rear working turn signals 
  4. Operation
    1. State Statutes and ordinances of the Town of North Manchester that regulate motor vehicle traffic. 
    2. Golf carts / UTV may be operated on Town Streets.  Such may not be operated on any State or Federal Highways except to cross said highway at a ninety (90) degree angle.  
    3. Registration and inspection decals must be placed on the front and rear fender area or the Golf Cart / UTV
      1. Registration is valid for 1 year 
      2. Registration fee is twenty five dollars ($25.00) and included decals and registration card 
      3. Registration card must be kept with the with cart / UTV or in possession of operator. 
  5. UTV Exclusion
    1. In case of UTV, which is to be registered with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Upon proof of a valid registration card,  the registration fee will be waived, and a town registration card and decals will still be supplied to owner.  
  6. Penalties 
    1. Any person violating a provision of this Article shall be deemed guilty of an offense and fined not less than fifty ($50.00) dollars for a first offense, not less than one hundred ($100.00) dollars for a second offense and not less than two hundred ($200.00) dollars for all subsequent offenses, but no fine for any individual offense shall exceed twenty five hundred ($2500.00) dollars.  

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