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Town Codes




Chapter I. Boards, Commissions and Officials

Article I. Town Council Page 1
Article II. Trustee Election, Districts Page 2
Article III. Clerk-Treasurer Page 3
Article IV. Appointed Officials Page 3
Article V. Town Manager Page 3
Article VI. Court Page 4
Article VII. Park and Recreation Board Page 4
Article VIII.   Page 5
Article IX.   Page 5
Article X.   Page 5
Article XI. Plan Commission Page 5
Article XII. Department of Economic Development Page 6
Article XIII. Traffic Commission Page 6
Article XIV. Police Reserve Page 7
Article XV. Tree Advisory Commission Page 8
Article XVI. North Manchester Economic Growth Policy Page 9
Article XVII. Department of Stormwater Management Page 11
Article XVIII. Department of Redevelopment & Redevelopment Commission Page 12
Article XIX Office of Director of Public Safety Repealed 8/6/03 Page 14

Chapter II. Administration
Article I. Seal, Official Page 14
Article II. Penalty, General Page 14
Article III. Public Purchasing Page 14
Article IV. Credit Card Policy Page 15
Article IV. Credit Card Policy Page 15

Chapter III. Finance
Article I. Cumulative Capital Improvement Fund Page 15
Article II. Sanitation Revenue Fund Page 15
Article III. Tax Abatement of Residentially Distressed Area Page 16
Article IV. Tax Abatement Review Committee Page 18
Article V. Cumulative Capital Development Fund Page 18
Article VI. Special Vehicle Inspection Fund Page 19
Article VII. Community Development Block Grant Commission Page 20
Article VIII. Cumulative Building and Equipment Fund Page 20
Article IX. Sidewalk Replacement Fund Page 21
Article X. Tactical Equipment Fund Page 22
Article XI. Street Cut Deposit Fund Page 22
Article XII. Fire Fighting Equipment Donations Fund Page 23
Article XIII. Storm Water Management Fund Page 23
Article XIV. Revolving Concession Fund Page 23
Article XV. Drug Forfeiture Fund Page 24
Article XVI. Police Donations Fund Page 24
Article XVII. Riverboat Fund Page 25
Article XVIII. Ordinance Enforcement Expense Fund Page 26
Article XIX. Emergency Telephone System Fund Page 26
Article XX. Law Enforcement Continuing Education Fund Page 27

Chapter I. Master Plan – North Manchester and Jurisdictional Area

Article I. Master Plan Page 1
Article II. Flood Hazard Development Control Page 1
Article III. Fair Housing Page 12

Chapter II. Zoning
Article I. Zoning, Board of Zoning Appeals Page 19
Article II. Zoning District Changes Page 19

Chapter III. Subdivision Control
Article I. Subdivisions and Plats Page 19

Chapter IV. Annexation of Land
Article I. Annexation Ordinances Page 20

Chapter V. Street Grades
Article I. Benchmark for Grades Page 20

Chapter VI. Building Codes
Article I. Building Rules, Codes and Standards Page 21

Chapter I. Traffic Safety

Article I. Traffic Ordinance Page 1
Article II. Abandoned Vehicles and Impoundment Page 1
Article III. Regulating Junk Motor Vehicles Page 3
Article IV. Treelawn Parking Procedures Page 4
Article V. School Crossing Guard Page 5
Article VI. Control of Bicycle and Skating Device Traffic Page 6
Article VII. Miscellaneous Traffic Restrictions Page 8

Chapter II. Sidewalks, Streets and Public Ways
Article I Occupants and Owners To Clean Page 9
Article II. Obstruction Of Public Pedestrian Ways Prohibited and Authorizing an Exception Page 10
Article III. Excavation, Permits, Bond Page 10
Article IV. Moving of Buildings Upon or Across Public Ways Page 11
Article V. Repair, Replacement and Maintenance of Sidewalks, Curbs and Treelawns Page 11

Chapter III. Demolition Permits
Article I. Demolition of Structures Page 13

Chapter IV. Prevention of Fire Hazards
Article I. Fire Limits Established; Building Restrictions Page 15
Article II. Burning Regulated Page 17

Chapter V. Trains
Article I. Regulation of Traffic Page 18

Chapter VI. Disposal of Waste
Article I. Accumulation, Storage and Disposition Penalties Page 18

Chapter VII. Dogs and Cats
Article I. Registration and Restrictions Page 20

Chapter VIII. Discharging Weapons and Explosives Prohibited
Article I.   Page 21

Chapter IX. Weed Regulation
Article I.   Page 21

Chapter X. Trees, Cutting and Trimming
Article I. Prohibited Conduct Page 23

Chapter XI. Town Buildings and Facilities
Article I. Prohibited Conduct Page 23
Article II. Tobacco and Ignited Controlled Substances in Public Buildings and Motor Vehicles Page 25

Chapter XII. Garbage
Article I. Storage and Handling Page 25

Chapter XIII. Nuisances
Article I. Defining and Abating Nuisances Page 25
Article II. Defining and Abating Animals as Nuisances and Prescribing Penalty Page 28
Article III. Unreasonably Loud Noises Page 29
Article IV. Unsafe Buildings Page 30
Article V. Personal Conduct Upon and Contiguous to Public Ways Page 30

Chapter I. Merchandising and Soliciting

Article I. Peddlers, Solicitors and Transient Merchants Page 1
Article II. Charitable Solicitations Page 3
Article III. Handbills, Advertising Page 7

Chapter II. Public Conveyances
Article I. Taxicabs Page 7

Chapter IIII. Communications
Article I. Impeding Communication Signals Page 10

Chapter I. Water

Article I. Waterworks Revenue Bonds Page 1
Article II. Water Rates and Charges Page 1
Article III. Water Line Extensions Page 2
Article IV. Water Utility (Removed from Indiana Regulatory Commission) Page 3
Article IV. Water Tap Charges
Schedule of Tap Charges
Page 4
Article VI. General Requirements for Water Service and Safety Page 5
Article VI. General Requirements for Water Service and Safety Page 5

Chapter II. Sewers
Article I. Sewage Works Revenue Bonds Page 6
Article II. Connection to and use of Public & Private Sewers Page 6
  Definitions Page 6
  General Provisions Page 11
  Permitted Commercial and Industrial Wastes Page 15
  Prohibited Industrial and Commercial Wastes Page 16
  Control of Admissible Industrial and Commercial Wastes Page 17
  Service Charges Based on Water Usage Page 20
  Strength-of-Wastes Surcharges Page 23
  Billing of Service Charges Page 23
  General Rules and Regulations Page 25

Chapter III. Trees
Article I. Dr. Worth M. Walrod Memorial Tree Program Page 31

Chapter IV. Garbage and Rubbish Disposal
Article I. Storage, Collection and Disposal Page 31
  Insurance Page 33
Article II. User Fees for Garbage and Rubbish Pickup Services and Collection Page 33
  Definitions Page 33
  Minimum Monthly Charge Page 34
  Computation of User Charges Page 34
  Billing of Charges Page 34
  Rules and Regulations Page 35
  Lien for Unpaid Charges Page 35
  Exclusions From Service and Exemption From Charges Page 35

Chapter V. Utility Rates and Charges and User Fees
Article I: Billing and Collection Practices Page 35
Article II: Methods Acceptable for Payment of Utility Rates, Charges And User Fees Page 36

Chapter VI. Stormwater Tap Permits and Fees
Article I: Tap Permits and Fees Page 37
Article II: Storm Water User Fees and Abatement Procedure Page 37

Chapter VII. Emergency Medical Services
Article I: Emergency Medical Services Fee Page 41

Chapter I. Park and Recreation

Article I. Park and Recreation Board Page 1
Article II. Park and Recreation Bonds Authorized Page 1

Chapter II. Cable Television
Article I. Triax Associates I, Inc. Franchise Page 2

Chapter III. Economic Development Bonds
Article I. Omega Cable Project Page 8
Article II. Omega Cable Company Project Page 9
Article III. Hi-Grade Egg Producers Project Page 9
Article IV. Sheller Hotel, Inc. Project Page 9
Article V. North Manchester Foundry Project Page 9
Article VI. Church of the Brethren Home, Inc. Project Page 9
Article VII. Estelle Peabody Memorial Home Project Page 9
Article VIII. Estelle Peabody Memorial Home Project Page 9
Article IX. Eften, Inc. Project Page 10

Article I. Words and Phrases Defined Page 1
Article II. Traffic Administration Page 4
Article III. Enforcement and Obedience to Traffic Regulations Page 7
Article IV. Traffic Control Devices Page 10
Article V. Speed Regulations Page 13
Article VI. Turning Movements Page 14
Article VII. One-Way Streets and Alleys Page 15
Article VIII. Stop and Yield Intersections Page 16
Article IX. Miscellaneous Driving Rules Page 18
Article X. Safety Zones Page 19
Article XI. Pedestrians' Rights and Duties Page 19
Article XII. Method of Parking Page 21
Article XIII. Stopping, Standing or Parking Prohibited Page 22
Article XIV. Stopping for Loading or Unloading Only Page 26
Article XV. Snow Emergency Regulations Page 27
Article XVI. Regulating the Kinds and Classes of Traffic on Certain Highways Page 30
Article XVII. Traffic Violations Bureau Page 31
Article XVIII. Penalties and Procedures on Arrest Page 32
Article XIX. Penalties for Violation of Articles XIII, XIV, or XV Page 36
Article XX. Effect of and Short Title of Ordinance Page 36
Article XXI. Schedules of Designated Streets
Referred to in Ordinance
Page 37
Article XXII. Schedule of Vacated Alleys Page 43