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Duke (town)
Wabash County REMC (rural)
Natural Gas
Northern Indiana
Public Service Co.
Fuel Oils Local Distributors
LP Gas Local Distributors
Water North Manchester Municipal
Source Deep Wells
System Capacity 1.8 MGPD
Average Daily Consumption 1.0 MGPD
Peak Consumption 1.8 MGPD
Water Hardness 3 Grains/Million Gal.
Iron None
Calcium 1 Part/Million
PH 8.0 PH
Sanitary Sewer North Manchester
Municipal (100% of Community Covered)
Treatment Plant Type Class 3, Activated Sludge
Systems Capacity 1.25 MGPD
Average Daily Load 950,000 – 1.0 MGPD
Storm Sewer 60% of Community Covered
Garbage Disposal  Wabash Valley Disposal
Curbside Recycling Wabash Valley Disposal
Drop-off Recycling Ace Hardware Lot
Wabash Co. Solid Waste Mgmt. District
Wabash Valley Landfill
Co. (private)
Life Expectancy 20